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Dear Parent/Carer,

Your child has expressed interest in learning a musical instrument this year. The school currently offers private tuition in piano, guitar, bass guitar, voice, violin, cello and drums.

Previously the price has been set at $25 per 30 minutes and has been set at this price for 10 years at the College. To compensate for inflation and meet the requirements of teachers traveling to and from our school, the school have decided to rise the price by $5 per 30 minutes.

To compensate for this change, the school has also introduced a "Siblings Policy". This policy states that if you have more than one child learning an instrument, you will pay a discounted rate of $25 per 30 minutes per student. Private VCE Instrumental Music lessons have also been adjusted from 30 to 50 minutes = $45. This will coincide with student timetables and meets the requirements of the VCE study. The following form also includes guidelines for cases where your child may be sick or absent from school, and when events and excursions fall on a lesson day.

For further information or any questions, please contact John Waller at the main office.

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Optional New Student Three Week Trial Period
Initially for students commencing lessons for a new instrument or with a new teacher, there will be a 3 lesson grace period, whereby if the student chooses to not continue with the tuition before their 4th lesson, they can withdraw from the program and the remainder of the lessons will be refunded. In the event of tuition cancellation, the P -12 Music Coordinator, Mr John Waller, must be notified by writing by the parent or carer with 24 hours notice before commencement of the 4th lesson.
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Term 3 Dates:
Monday, 15 July - Friday, 21 September
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When you enrol your child to learn an instrument, the expectation is that the student will complete eight (8) lessons as part of the program. These lessons will be delivered throughout a school term.

All lesson fees are collected in advance (with the exception of the three-week new student trial period, see below). You can opt to pay for either a full term or pay in 2 equal instalments. Fees are due week 1 and then again in week 5 if you opt for the 2 instalment system. At the beginning of each term you will be emailed an invoice which can be paid directly to the instrumental teacher unless other special arrangements have been made with the instrumental teacher.

If lesson payment has not been received before the commencement of lesson four (4), the student will not receive future lessons until the amount has been has paid.

If your child is sick or absent on the day of a lesson you must inform the teacher either via text or a phone call before 8.30am that day. This will result in that lesson being credited. Failure to do so will result in you being charged for the lesson for which your child was absent.

If your child misses a lesson due to school events or excursions, you will be credited with a make up lesson.

Make up lessons will not be refunded and if a suitable time cannot be established within the current school term, they will carry over to the following term.

Mid-term enrolments are most welcome, your invoice will simply be adjusted in accordance with the number of remaining weeks in the term. The trail period also still applies.

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Welcome to the Lorne P12 instrumental music program!
Your details will be forwarded on to the appropriate instrumental teacher. The teacher will make contact with you as soon as possible to arrange a day and time for your child to receive lessons. If you have any further questions please contact John Waller at the main office.
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