[Styline] Spring Internship, 2020 (Paid)
Do you want to be part of our exciting startup journey to learn how to solve real-life problems of people related to fashion, with the help of technology? Are you passionate about getting your hands dirty to execute your learnings to see the implementation of your idea in real-life? EVEN BEFORE YOU START A REAL PROFESSIONAL LIFE?

Application submission deadline: 10 January.

Here are a few details you need to know -
- The internship program starts in Jan-Feb 2020, mostly full-time academic internship, but we are open to part-time (25 hours a week) internship for 3rd/4th year students.
- It is a four months internship program, office location - Banani.
- Monthly remuneration is 5000 tk (standard internship salary), payable monthly.
- After a week-long training, you will be assigned to a team and you will report directly to that team manager.
- After the internship is successfully completed, you might be offered a full-time/part-time role in Styline (depends on your performance and preference).
- For any query, feel free to reach to career@stylinecollection.com

Interested to know more about our mission, vision, and values? Check - https://blog.stylinecollection.com/about-us/what-is-styline-all-about/

Application submission deadline: 15 January.
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