Stallholder Expression of Interest
The Street Food Markets are organised by the Addison Road Community Centre Organisation (ARCCO) and STARTTS. The Markets are held on the Addison Road Community Centre ground every third Saturday of the month from 4 pm to 9 pm. From December 2016, they will also be held every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.

PLEASE NOTE: This is form is an expression of interest only, there is no guarantee of placement. Outcomes of applications are advised 1- 2 weeks after EOI submission. If accepted, you will be invited to register as a Vendor.

Priority is given to refugee and indigenous member of our community, with experience in producing “Street Food from their region” and/or selling of products, from their region, which are normally associated with street food markets.

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The current introductory price is $110 per stall, per market, if paying online.
We are adjusting the price, and will inform stallholders accordingly.
Information on Street Food and Drinks Stalls
Successful vendors will need to send us:
- Current Food Safety Supervisor certificate(FSS)
- Public liability and products liability insurances
- The size of stall, either 3 x 3 or 3 x 6 for the kitchen space only
Please note
- Area lighting is free. Kitchen lighting is the responsibility of the vendor
- Electrical power under 10 Amps is free. 15 Amps power outlet incurres additional $10
- Stall locations will chosen at random
- Vendors must use appropriate cooking facility approved under NSW food safety regulation
- The vendor will get customer space the same size as the kitchen space. Vendors must bring a table and chair/stool for their own customers (up to 5 tables and 20 chairs/stools per 3 x 3 m)
- The licensed FSS person must be at the market
- Health inspectors can randomly inspect any food stall. The cost associated with the inspection will be stall owners' responsibility
- Alternative and herbal medicine must registered under this category
- No alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or prohibited drugs to be sold at the market.
Information on Arts and Crafts Products
The products should be locally made by community members or community organisation. Overseas imported products are acceptable but ARCCO would prefers the vendor to be registered with Fair Trading Association of Australia and New Zealand. Children’s toys must conform to mandatory standards set by Australian Competition & Consumer commission.
No alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or prohibited drugs to be sold at the market.
Performers and Entertainers
(Including busking and freelance performances)

All performances and entertainment are welcomed to the Market. Location and time might need to be organised for the benefit of the performers and the audiences.

Tell us your ideas!
Don’t be limited by the ideas above. You can comment with ideas here, and call the Addison Road Community Centre on 9569 7633 and speak to Juan carlos if you have any questions.
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