Konferans Agrikol--Sid--2019
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Organizational Contact Telephone
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Nan ki zon e ki domen wap travay?
In which zone and which domain do you work?
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Eske w ta renmen prezante yon atelye oubyen yon demonstrasyon pandan konferans la oubyen ekspoze pwodwi, zouti, piblikasyon, etc.? Atelye yo ap fet nan apremidi e yo kapab repete plizye fwa pandan yon jounen oubyen pandan semen konferans la. *
Would you like to present a workshop or a demonstration during conference or else make an exposition of your products, tools, publications, etc.? Workshops take place in the afternoon and they can be repeated several times during a day or during the week of conference.
Si wi: Sije Prezantasyon-an
If yes: Subject of Presentation
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Tip Prezantasyon-an
Type of Presentation
Materyel wap bezwen (Odyovizyel, Zouti Agrikol, Lot Materyel)
Materials you will need (Audiovisual, Agricultural Tools, Other Materials)
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