Girls Rock Vegas Volunteer Application 2019
After we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule either a phone or in-person interview. Because our work involves children, we also do a background check on all our volunteers using the Nevada Sex Offender Registry and other relevant databases. Volunteers will also be required to attend mandatory volunteer training and orientation sessions.

Ideal volunteers are those who put the best interests of youth and their physical and emotional safety above all else; who understand and believe in our mission; who will show up on time and be ready to work every day they commit to; and who support the girls and their projects. Volunteers must be age 21+. Girls Rock Vegas does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national/ethnic origin, physical ability, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity.
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Please check that you understand the following: Volunteering at Girls Rock Vegas is strictly a VOLUNTEER opportunity and is NOT considered employment. Occasionally, grant funding allows to offer modest stipends to select instructors based on professional experience, as well as other criteria set forth by the grant. Volunteers who receive stipends are considered independent contractors, not employees. Volunteers selected for stipends will be notified before the beginning of camp and will enter into an independent contractor agreement for the duration of camp. *
Please check that you understand the following: All volunteers are required to attend a mandatory training session prior to volunteering at Girls Rock Vegas camp, even if you have volunteered with Girls Rock Vegas previously.
Please check that you understand the following: Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should volunteers bring firearms or other weapons to ANY Girls Rock Vegas event, including load-in, load-out, or camp.
Please check that you understand the following: Under NO circumstances should volunteers come to ANY Girls Rock Vegas event under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Please check that you understand the following: Girls Rock Vegas volunteers are NOT authorized to make purchases or enter contracts on behalf of Girls Rock Vegas. Volunteers who need supplies must first get approval from the executive director, who will then make the purchase.
Background Check Authorization
Girls Rock Vegas works to empower girls and young women. Their safety and well-being is paramount. As a result, part of the application process requires that we conduct a background check on all volunteers. By signing this application, you authorize Girls Rock Vegas to conduct this check. We keep all information confidential.
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