Lilith Fund Hotline Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest! Please fill out this form completely - even if a question is challenging, please answer it as best you can. At this point, this form is NOT notifying anyone when you fill it out, so please email Andrea Soto Abarca at when you've completed the form.

NOTE: We are currently full up on hotline volunteers. You are welcome to fill out an application and you'll be placed on a waiting list - our next training will probably occur in fall 2018. Thank you!

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Below are three scenarios that hotline volunteers have encountered. Please describe how you would handle each one. This is not a test - it's a way for us to learn more about how you handle high-stress situations.

Please answer each to the best of your knowledge.

A caller tells you that you are the first person she has told about her abortion. She says that no one else in her life would be supportive, and she asks, "What do you think I should do?" *
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A minor has called the hotline. When you call her back, she says she doesn't want to talk to you and gives the phone to her mother. *
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Five callers have left messages, but you can only fund two. How do you decide who you will fund? (messages say how far along someone is, and some callers disclose sexual assault, homelessness, and other circumstances.) *
There is no "wrong answer." We only fund 20-30% of our callers.
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Hotline shifts are often emotionally demanding. Please describe how you will take care of yourself during and after a shift. *
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Our hotline volunteers work remotely, and use their own phones and internet. Volunteers use a variety of online technologies to successfully complete a shift.
On a scale of 1 to 5, please indicate how comfortable you are with the following programs and/or skills.
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5 - Very Comfortable
Google Drive
Google Voice
Learning new online systems
Nitpicky details
Our hotline volunteers take one, four hour shift per month. English language shifts occur on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday afternoon or evening.

Spanish language shifts are one week long (calls happen on the Mon, Wed, and Fri), but they are much lighter and only require about four hours of work over the week.

Are you able to commit to one hotline shift per month for one year? *
(As shifts are available - sometimes we have more volunteers than shifts.)
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