Future Podcast Producer Questionnaire
Thanks for taking a few minutes to help me learn more about how I can help you add podcasting to your services! This questionnaire shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes, and it is optional to share your contact info with me at the end. Thanks!
What describes your current business or freelance model? *
Have you ever considered adding podcasting to your list of services? *
If yes, what has prevented you from offering these services? (Select all that apply) *
If no, what interests you in adding podcasting to your services? (Select all that apply) *
If you had the opportunity to learn how to earn money from a podcasting business/adding it to your services, how would you be most interested in learning? *
If you could look into the future and see the potential revenue that podcasting could add to your business with recurring clients each month, how much would you be comfortable investing to make that happen? *
What else can you tell me about your interest in adding podcasting to your services, or creating a podcasting business? What makes you feel excited or scared? *
If you had the complete skill set to run a successful podcasting business, how would your life change? *
Optionally, please share your contact info with me to learn about some new podcast producer resources and programs I’ll be developing in the next 2-3 months:
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