Duke Crux Staff Writer Application
Thank you so much for your interest in being a staff writer for Crux! This application should take you no longer than 30 minutes. We encourage you to use this application as a tool to examine your personal motives for being part of Crux and reflect on whether or not this is a position you should take on this semester. Please read the below expectations for Crux staff writers. By completing this application, you are committing to seek to fulfill these expectations.

- Write and publish at least two articles per semester if writing for the blog or at least one article if writing for the magazine.
- Adhere to agreed upon deadlines which will be set and enforced by editors.
- Meet biweekly with other writers and editors to discuss articles, share time in the Word, and pray.
- Pray consistently for Crux, for excellence in writing and the multiplication of spiritual conversations on campus.
- Seek counsel, guidance, and feedback on writing.
- Peer review articles to provide comments, questions, and feedback.

If you have been a Crux staff member in previous semesters, you only need to complete sections one, three, and four of this application.
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