CIMPA Awards Submission Form
Each year, the marketing community in the Cayman Islands creates work that wows audiences and puts their brand or organization on the map. The hours of dedicated research, creative thinking, strategic planning, and hard work that goes into these pieces of work sets them apart from the rest, generating results that exceed expectations. The CIMPA Awards celebrate the best of the best, and recognize this creative effort put forth by the agencies, organizations, and creative professionals that make up the community of the Cayman Islands Marketing Professionals.

If you think that your individual, or your organization's, work has what it takes submit your application today!

If you have submission questions, please contact .

Submission Guidelines
Submissions should be uploaded as a single document, or video, that includes all examples of work. Please make sure that videos are embedded or hyperlinked and all website URLs are clickable.

Suitable formats: PDF, PPT (or Google Slides). Video submissions will be accepted but will either need to answer all criteria within the video, or have the video embedded/linked in the main submission file.

We have tried to make this year’s judging criteria as transparent as possible so that you can see exactly what we are looking for in a great submission. Make sure you review the scoring matrix for each individual category and reference this as you prepare your submission.

Suggested word count:
Our judges have a lot of submissions to read. Keep your written submissions short and to the point. Break up the text with clear heading and focus on addressing the judging criteria in the matrix provided. As a guide, our recommended word count per submission is approx. 1500 words.

Terms & Conditions
• CIMPA Members can submit one (1) submission per category as part of their membership benefits.
• Members may submit additional entries per category for a fee of $75 per submission per category.
• Non-members can enter the awards for a Cl$100 fee per category, per submission. Non-members may submit additional entries per category for a fee of $100 per submission per category.
• Payment must be made to CIMPA within one (1) week of submission. Any payment not submitted by April 26th, 2019 will result in disqualification.
• Only two (2) submission per category will be shortlisted by an individual, company, organisation, or agency. The client may also submit work done by an agency or freelancer, and vice versa, should one, or the other have already submitted into any one category.
• Non-individual Categories: must represent either a local agency, organisation and/or a local client. For example, a local agency could represent an overseas client and submit work for that client, or a local organisation could submit work done by an overseas agency.
• Individual Categories: the nominee submitted to an individual category must be a CIMPA Member, and must have resided and/or worked in the Cayman Islands 80% of the 2018 calendar year, and/or must be Caymanian, and/or create content for audiences within the Cayman Islands.
• For all categories, the majority of work (more than 50%) must be completed within the 2018 calendar year. Submissions cannot be resubmitted the following year.
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