Womennovator Application 2019
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Venture Details Questions
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19. We have an experienced pool of mentors on board. Do you seek any mentor's support ? If Yes, state a reason why do you need it. *
20. Are you looking for International Market Expansion ? If Yes, name a country where you seek expansion. *
21. Have you filed for any patents? *
22. If you are a trust, society or under section 8 company, do you require CSR funding? *
23. Do you require any other assistance or any kind of support ? If Yes, please mention in which area. *
Life Journey Questions
Subjective Questions to understand your personal and professional journey in depth.
24. Your Story-Personal and Professional Journey (Life as a child, turning point of life, ups and downs, vision, message etc.) *
25. How many women have you empowered or supported? (Give Names and Numbers for reference) *
26. What is your dream/vision for your venture ? (Please share in 4 lines) *
27. Share something about your mentors (Name, Profession, Field, in which area they mentored you) *
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Information Accumulation
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