Doublejump Staff Application Form
Hi there! šŸ‘‹

Thank you for your interest in joining the Doublejump Staff! Before you fill out the application, we'd like to take this opportunity to give you a little further information about the role, what we're expecting of you, and what you can expect in return.

The role you're applying for is that of a Staff Contributor to Doublejump. The full role description is as follows:

šŸ‘‰ Produce at least one article per month for publication on Doublejump;
šŸ‘‰ Share and promote your own articles, and those of your colleagues, wherever you can;
šŸ‘‰ Maintain a presence within our community on Discord and social media; and
šŸ‘‰ Check into the Staff Discord server at least once per day, even if you have no notifications.

At this point in time, Doublejump is unable to provide financial recompense for your work. Until it becomes viable, we aim to offset this by providing:

šŸ‘‰ The ability to build a journalistic portfolio with training and resources from editors with a combined 12 years' experience in the industry;
šŸ‘‰ Discounts on Doublejump merchandise;
šŸ‘‰ Free games and codes whenever they're available;
šŸ‘‰ A nicely presented, constantly updated home for your work; and
šŸ‘‰ The promise that Management will work hard to continue to grow the site with a view to eventually paying you for your work.

Although we're more than happy to work with anyone, we are definitely looking for looking for:

šŸ‘‰ A strong grasp of the written English language;
šŸ‘‰ Familiarity with Discord, Google Drive and WordPress (training is available if necessary!); and
šŸ‘‰ The willingness to commit to aiding in Doublejump's continued growth.

Prior experience in games journalism ā€“ or any journalism, for that matter ā€“ is not required, but will be looked upon quite favourably.

If you think you've got what it takes, click "Yeah, let's proceed!" below to move on to the application form.

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