DAWN Clinic Interest Form
Let us know how you would like to get involved with the DAWN Clinic! PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BELOW!

If you are a CU Health Professional Student (this means you are currently attending a professional school) at the University of Colorado - Anschutz Medical Campus and are interested in volunteering with your specific workgroup, please email the leaders of the group and your Safety and Risk Management (SRM) liaison. All emails are listed below for the various professional workgroups.

If you are a CU Health Professional Student but you are interested in being a part of a secondary workgroup, please choose the CU professional student option below further down in the application.

MD/PA/NP (mdpa@dawnclinic.org)
- Ellen Rhodes (ellen.rhodes@cuanschutz.edu)
- Alyssa Shepherd (alyssa.shepherd@cuanschutz.edu)
- Andrea Mariani (andrea.mariani@cuanschutz.edu) -- SRM Liaison

- Margeaux Black (margeaux.black@cuanschutz.edu)
- Riley Johnson (Riley.d.johnson@cuanschutz.edu)
- Bushra Omar (bushra.omar@cuanschutz.edu) -- SRM Liaison

Nursing (nursingworkgroup@dawnclinic.org)
- Chloe Elder - also SRM Liaison
- Megan Meyer
- Alexandria Schlapman

Pharmacy (pharmacy@dawnclinic.org)
- Darwin Ta
- Pengsue Yang
- Cecilia Nguyen
- Sonali Patel - SRM Liaison

- Maddie Burns (madeline.burns@cuanschutz.edu)
- Aimee St. Martin (aimee.stmartin@cuanschutz.edu) - SRM Liaison

If you have any issues getting ahold of your leaders, please email us at scheduling@dawnclinic.org and let us know!

If you are a Health Professional student at another school, email us at scheduling@dawnclinic.org.

If you are an Undergraduate or Graduate student, please continue reading all of the information provided below prior to applying.
Before You Apply: Common Questions When Applying
Q: How does this onboarding process work?
A: When you fill out this interest form, all of the information will be sent to us at the Scheduling/Volunteer Recruitment workgroup. Your free responses will be sent to respective workgroup leaders during the middle of the month. The leaders will have 48 hours to respond and afterwards, we will send onboarding decision emails out. We onboard once per month, at the middle of the month. This is due to our transition to EPIC. EPIC accounts take a while to set up. If you do not hear anything after a week from the onboarding date listed below, please feel free to shoot us a message at scheduling@dawnclinic.org.

Q: How does the screening process work?
A: We love to have applicants and we genuinely appreciate the work that volunteers do at DAWN clinic! However, we do want to make sure that every individual that considers applying is carefully screened. As you fill out the form, consider this as your "application". These answers will help us and the workgroup leaders of your requested future workgroup to evaluate you as to whether or not you will be a good fit for the workgroup. Your answers do matter! Take the time to think carefully before you answer.

Q: I don't see the workgroup that I want to join, or I don't see a workgroup I think I'm qualified to join. What should I do?
A: The workgroups that are currently recruiting are always changing! If you don't see the group you want/think you'd fit best with right now, chances are you might next month. You can always check back in or check the form in a couple weeks. You will qualify for every workgroup listed under your level of education (pre-professional, professional/graduate, and CU graduate), with the exception being Interpreters (you must conversationally speak another language besides English). Workgroups at the clinic also decide when they can or cannot accept new volunteers. If you do not see the workgroup you like, then it may be that your desired workgroup is not recruiting. Keep in mind, you can always check in with Scheduling and ask us.

Q: Do I have to answer EVERY question in the interest form?
A: Yes.

Q: Even the questions that aren't marked as required?
A: Yes. Those questions are application questions. Once those questions are answered and the interest form is completed, when onboarding occurs, the answers are sent to workgroup leaders of your desired workgroup where they are thoroughly read and analyzed for each individual by the workgroup leaders. Failure to answer those questions will VOID your volunteer candidacy. No exceptions.

Q: What are your expectations of those questions?
A: Answers should be provided in a single paragraph. Paragraph length is at your own discretion (however, we do advise not to do a one sentence answer). Please do your best to answer these questions and bring out the best in you. However, this is definitely not a 10-page thesis or anything like that (but seriously, a one sentence answer will not suffice).

Q: I am a motivated individual who really wants to volunteer at DAWN clinic but I have certain circumstances that may prohibit me from meeting the 6 month minimum time commitment. What should I do?
A: Email us at: scheduling@dawnclinic.org. Although it is preferential that volunteers commit to the 6 month minimum time commitment, certain exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. However, please note that exceptions usually are not common.

Q: I am available to volunteer this summer, but not during the school year. Can I still apply?
A: Unfortunately, we do generally require a 6-month commitment to volunteer at DAWN. This is because there is paperwork and training involved in becoming a volunteer, and can take a month (or more) on its own. If you are able to volunteer during the semester before or after your summer break as well, that would fulfill the 6-month commitment.

Q: I am an individual who really wants to volunteer at DAWN clinic but I am unable to volunteer right now. I am however able to volunteer in the near future. What do I do?
A: Email us at scheduling@dawnclinic.org. When you shoot us an email, please state when you expect to be able to volunteer. Based on your listed date, we will either have you complete the interest form and the onboarding process immediately so that you may start training immediately upon your start date OR if your listed date is quite a period of time away (i.e. greater than 3 months), we will inform you to fill out the interest form and onboarding paperwork prior to your start date.

Q: I am an individual who wants to volunteer with DAWN however I have other daily circumstances and obligations to uphold within my life. How flexible are you guys?
A: Honestly, we get it. Everyone has things going on with their lives. People have certain priorities. However, please note that the DAWN Clinic is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Clinic starts at 6 pm on those days and concludes at 9 pm. Please expect to show up between 5:15-5:45 pm. Finishing time varies depending on how busy the clinic is and what your workgroup is. Surprisingly, we've gotten many emails from students listing certain conditions for them to volunteer due to their obligations. We can't shift clinic days to accommodate student needs because we have a lot of patients we serve and a lot of students that volunteer with us. If you volunteer with us, it is your responsibility to make sure that you work with all of your other obligations to allocate your time to volunteer with us on any of those open clinic days. If you are unable to fulfill your responsibilities on a volunteering day, email your workgroup leader and make sure you have someone who covers your shift.

Q: I am an individual that is under the age of 18, but I really want to volunteer. Can you guys let me through?
A: Unfortunately, no. You are required to be 18+ in order to volunteer at the DAWN clinic. Not only does HIPAA come into play but also legalities come into consideration. No exceptions can be made for this. But please feel free to return to this application and apply when you are 18+! We love your drive and enthusiasm. Best of luck in your healthcare endeavors.

Q: I am already a volunteer at DAWN Clinic, but I want to try something new! How does this work for me?
A: Well look at that! Thank you for your commitment to our clinic! Please fill out your application and answer ALL questions. Once done, email us letting us know that you are already a volunteer, that you just want to switch, and please CC the leaders of your workgroup for verification. We will get you switched as soon as possible, EPIC permitted, and you will be fast-tracked. This means, you will not have to worry about the documents and paperwork that is attached to every onboarding email. That way, we can start your training as soon as possible to have you continue still. Again, thank you for your commitment!

Q: I have found an alternative email to contact each of the Scheduling/Volunteer Recruitment Workgroup Co-Leaders individually. Am I allowed to use that email as a form of communication?
A: No. It's not you. It's definitely us. Combined, we both receive 200+ emails on a daily basis through our academic and professional emails. That is a copious amount of emails we surf through each and every day. We might miss your email. Therefore, we do not recommend it. Please refrain to using: scheduling@dawnclinic.org.

Have all your questions been answered? If not, please email us at scheduling@dawnclinic.org. We don't bite. Thank you for your interest. We do appreciate every single individual that applies and hope to be in touch with you in the future.

Katie Palmer and Khoa Nguyen
Scheduling/Volunteer Recruitment Workgroup Co-Leaders
Secondary Workgroup Options and Descriptions
At DAWN Clinic, we have multiple primary and secondary work-groups that work in tandem to provide healthcare treatment to the underserved population of Aurora. Although primary workgroups are workgroups that are only accessible to graduate/professional students at the University of Colorado - Anschutz, secondary workgroups are available to practically every interested candidate.

In this section listed, you will find the current secondary workgroup options available at DAWN clinic. A brief description of each workgroup has been provided to provide an insight into the work that each workgroup performs. Remember, only the workgroups listed within the application are the workgroups available.

Let's take a look!

-Interpreter Services: Interpreter work group is responsible for accurately/transparently interpreting the office visit between patient and provider. As interpreters, we serve a key role in making sure patient health care isn't compromised by providing clear communication between the different parties.

-LGBTQ+: The LGBTQ+ workgroup works to support patients that identify with the LGBTQ+ population in the Aurora community, working closely with patients to guide them through their visit and making sure that their voice and identity is represented and heard and that the treatment that they are receiving adheres to them.

-Diabetes Education: Diabetes Education works to support patients living with T2D, identified within the Aurora patient population, through our presence in the clinic, and education regarding nutrition, exercise, and medications outside of Clinic nights. We work closely with groups within the community to identify high-risk pre-diabetic groups, working closely with the ADA in providing access to Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPP) and free exercise courses.

-Registration: The registration workgroup at DAWN Clinic works at the very front line of the clinic. We are there to welcome patients, assist with registration/check-in process, and make sure they feel at home throughout their visits.

-Community Engagement: The Community Engagement workgroup works to establish connections with resources, programs, and other services around the Aurora community to provide and guide patients toward accessibility in attaining specific resources.

-Care Coordination: The Care Coordination workgroup works with patients and physicians directly throughout the visit to chart specific documentation, guide patients through the system and overall process, and help coordinate patient care between the patient, the physician, and any future visits or necessary needs. As a care coordinator, you will be responsible for longitudinally tracking patient care, scheduling appointments, charting visit summaries, and more. We connect patients with resources alongside their medical care to address social determinants of health - e.g., housing, food, employment, medical insurance screening. New volunteers are required to commit to a 6 month contract. Care Coordination has a separate application that is only distributed biannually. Please check below in the onboarding information section to see if Care Coordination has applications open for any prospective candidates. Interviews will be required.

-Clinic Managers: Do you want to help clinic run smoothly? Are you a quick thinker, flexible, and able to adapt to changes on the spot? Are you able to work with and advise fellow colleagues? Then being a clinic manager is right for you. You can help in several areas of clinic including the front end helping registration run smoothly, the middle portion helping triage run smoothly, or the back end helping the clinical care teams navigate patient care. TO APPLY FOR CLINIC MANAGER, PLEASE SELECT "For Prospective Leaders: Leadership Position Application Section".

All of these workgroups allow you to be engaged in serving the underserved population of Aurora, Colorado. Regardless of whatever workgroup you choose, please understand that you are making a difference in the lives of individuals in the underserved populations!

Now you're probably thinking, "I want to get involved! How do I do that?" Simple. When you're ready to apply, choose an option below to get started. Just one more piece of information to get through, though. We'll see you soon!

Katie Palmer and Khoa Nguyen
Scheduling/Volunteer Recruitment Workgroup Co-Leaders
Volunteer Candidate News and Updates
Hello everyone,

Thank you for making it this far in the interest form application. And we thank you for your interest in serving our underserved community of Aurora, Colorado. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, there are just a few points that we want to clarify on so that each one of you understands the terms and conditions prior to applying.

1) We will only onboard candidates applying to the Interpreter Services workgroup on a monthly basis during the middle of each month. Our application acceptance method will continue to remain the same as it currently is.

2) If you are accepted, the first task will be to complete paperwork. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as decided by our medical directors and clinical nurse manager, no student volunteers will be allowed in the clinic unless stated otherwise.

3) Even when you are trained, the best involvement you can have is by tele-volunteering for tele-medicine communications. However, the need for tele-volunteering will vary from workgroup to workgroup. Some workgroups will have 0. Some workgroups will require some tele-volunteering.

4) If you do communicate about tele-volunteering during the COVID-19 outbreak with your workgroup leaders, you may not be authorized to volunteer. Due to the nuances of tele-medicine, workgroup leaders may choose to send in more experienced volunteers or they may come into clinic themselves. Again, this is to optimize patient care will at the same time, still protecting our volunteers.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at scheduling@dawnclinic.org.

Katie Palmer and Khoa Nguyen
Scheduling/Volunteer Recruitment Workgroup Co-Leaders
When is the Next Onboarding Session?
I've completed my application, answered ALL the questions, even the ones marked as not required, and have submitted my application. Now what do I do?

Now you wait! We onboard in bulk to reduce spamming and to make it easier and more convenient for the workgroups. We have a new onboarding process coming up though, so we will be posting the next onboarding date for applicants.



Please make sure you check back in with us. We will keep updating the application form as we go and put notices in this tab. Thank you for your understanding. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Katie Palmer and Khoa Nguyen
Scheduling/Volunteer Recruitment Workgroup Co-Leaders
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