Honors One-on-One Tutoring Program Application: Fall 2017

All tutors must be students in good standing with the SAS Honors Program or Rutgers Honors College and have completed at least one semester at Rutgers.

Each tutor must attend a training session prior to meeting with any tutees.

This is a volunteer position. Each tutor must meet all tutoring obligations, including training, meetings, and every scheduled appointment with tutees.

Responsibility to Inform:
If a tutor is unable to meet a scheduled tutoring appointment, the tutor will appropriately inform his/her assigned Tutor Coordinator via email and call the tutee and LRC Coordinator. If a tutor fails to meet these responsibilities, his/her record will be reviewed for possible dismissal from the One-on-One Tutoring Program.

If a tutor knows in advance that they will be unavailable to take new appointments for a specific period of time, it is their responsibility to inform their assigned Tutor Coordinator at least TWO WEEKS in advance and request to be taken off the tutoring schedule for that time period. This notice prevents appointments from being scheduled when the tutor is unavailable.

Tutoring Assignment:
Each tutor will be provided with instructions on how to use the RU Scheduler to check their individual tutoring appointments.

Staff Meetings:
There will be 1-2 Tutoring Program staff meetings each semester. Tutors should attend at least one meeting per semester. The meeting date for Fall 2017 is September 22, and the time will be announced through SAKAI.

The Tutoring Program has a SAKAI site that all tutors can access. Most communication about meetings, updates, and requests will come as SAKAI announcements. Tutors must read all messages and respond promptly to inquiries.

You will be contacted in mid-September to confirm your courses and schedule for the Fall 2017 semester.

If you have any questions regarding Tutoring Program policies or the application, please e-mail Ms. Dorene Pardun (dpardun@sas.rutgers.edu).

Application deadline: September 15, 2017

If you are selected as a Tutor, please join us for a Meet and Greet with the Tutoring Program Staff on Friday, September 22 from 2:30pm-4:30pm in Milledoler Hall Room 010 (basement level). You will sign up for a training session at this meeting.

Are you a member of the SAS Honors Program or Rutgers Honors College? *
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Please only check the courses that you want to tutor- it is fine to focus on 1 or 2 courses per semester. Be sure that you are up to date on the course material and willing to serve as a tutor before selecting a course. You may select any course that you completed with a letter grade of B+ or higher. If you placed out of a course (due to high school courses, test credit, or AP or IB scores) but are comfortable and confident in your ability to tutor the subject material, you may select it.
If you took the Honors section of a course, are you also willing to tutor for the general section?
Answer yes or no. Answer "Other" if you are willing to tutor for some general courses but not others, and note this with your answer. If you have not taken Honors sections, skip this question.
Which additional courses courses do you wish to tutor? Please include Foreign Languages, if applicable. If you have checked all the courses you can tutor, please enter "none". *
YOU MUST ENTER THE DATA IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT: (Course # [XX:XXX:XXX], Course name, Semester, Year, Grade you Earned). For instance: (01:119:115, General Biology, Spring, 2014, A). Separate each entry with a comma.
Select your preferred Learning Resource Center to conduct your tutoring sessions. *
You may choose different centers for different days. If you do, note the appropriate days and centers with your hours in the next response.
What hours are you available to tutor? Please carefully consider your schedule and any outside obligations before responding. If you will be tutoring on different campuses, note which days and hours you will be available on each campus. Tutoring will begin the week of February 6. *
How many hours can you tutor per week? *
The minimum is 2 hours per week. The recommended maximum is 4 hours per week. If you want to tutor more than 4 hours per week, please discuss this with your Tutor Coordinator.
Thank you for completing this application! We look forward to working with you!
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