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Thank you for your interest in participating a future IG Handmade Fair.

Just like a regular craft fair, an Instagram Handmade Fair is a gathering of makers on a specific day to make a wide range of handmade goods available at one place (here, the internet!). It's a chance to find new makers and to build and support the creative community.

To date, this has been a "round robin event." Starting at a set time, each of the makers involved will open their virtual "booth" with a Handmade Fair Post, which will include a link to their next door "booth" and the #InstagramHandmadeFair hashtag. Visitors can then follow the link to the next maker's page, and check them out and repeat until they've completed the circle. We also encourage participants to promote their fellow makers via IG stories or additional posts.

The next event will likely take place in the Fall. The time is determined by the time zones of the makers involved. In Spring 2019, we had a 9 hour spread! Should the participants time zones range more widely than that, we may shift the format.

You can see the previous events at #InstagramHandmadeFair

This form is NOT an application, merely a statement of interest. I will send out a (super brief) application to interested parties closer to the next event.

[Please note that an application is not a guarantee of participation. I'd like to keep the event as open as possible, but will do some curation to maintain a good balance of product types. You must have an active/open shop at prior to the event and a public Instagram profile.]

This event was created to build community among creatives and help smaller makers gain increased visibility by sharing our virtual spaces. I expect that all participants be welcoming of people of all abilities, body types, sexualities, gender identities, race, and ethnicities.

Work that showcases and embraces the broad range of humanity is especially welcome. Hate speech is not.

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