GPUS Diversity Committee: Registration Waiver and Travel Expense Stipend Application
You may continue to apply for waiver and/or stipend. Waiver requests will be granted, however, applications were due March 30, 2019 and stipends can only be granted as long as there are funds available.

Applications for Diversity registration waiver and travel/lodging stipend are due March 30, 2019. Registration waivers may be available after that but monetary stipends will not.

Diversity registration waivers cover the annual national meeting registration fee only and are available to anyone who would not otherwise be able to attend. If you receive a waiver, you will still need to cover your lodging, food, and travel unless you also apply and are approved for a travel/lodging stipend.

We have again been given a small amount of money to help with lodging, food, and travel for some attendees. Here is information on the travel/lodging stipend.

---If you are awarded a monetary amount and are staying on campus, money will be applied to housing first. If you are unable to pay transportation in advance, you can discuss with GPUS treasurer and she will help you.
---You must contribute a minimum of 20% of the cost of your trip. This may be personal funds, state or local party funds, or from fundraising.
---Please use the least expensive mode of transportation and the least expensive housing options possible for your situation. Note that we do not have homestays at this time. If you list homestay on your application we assume you have already arranged that with someone.
---The maximum you may receive is a total of $500 not including the cost of registration.
---You are more likely to receive a stipend if you 1) contribute a greater portion of the cost or if you only need a small amount of money to be able to attend, 2) if you have not received a stipend in the past, or 3) if you have GP involvement but have never attended a meeting.

This application is confidential and will only be shared for the purposes of granting fee waivers and stipends. A sub-committee of the Annual National Meeting Committee will make decisions on waivers. Preference will be given for all stipends to people who have never attended an Annual National Meeting or Presidential Nominating Convention or to those that have never received a stipend. Other considerations include local and state party activity, candidate and campaign activity, GPUS committee and caucus activity, Green National Committee (GNC) delegate/alternate status.

Do not register for the meeting until you have been notified that you will NOT be receiving a registration waiver.

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