The Cellar
The Cellar is a new fringe theatre space in Sheffield City Centre. We are a place for emerging playwrights, theatre-makers, and artists of all forms to perform their new work in a supportive space, without having to consider the commercial value of their art.

Please answer these questions below so that you can let us know what you want from The Cellar.

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Please consider donating.
In order to do all these things, we are in desperate need of about £800 to remove a dangerous refrigeration unit from the wall and then paint the walls. (The refrigeration unit contains gas which means we need to have a professional remove it for us. If you know any refrigeration specialists who can give us support in-kind and do this work, PLEASE contact us!)

The next bit of money (around £200) will go towards painting the space, which will be done by volunteers.

Anything after that will go toward supporting artists, putting on shows, publicity, staffing, and equipment.

Once this work is done, we will be able to open to the public. Our current estimated opening is the first week of April!


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