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Should we rename the RPC Series?
The main-list of RPC articles is called “Series 1”. This isn't a very accurate name for a list of pages that would appear within a database, but is it worth changing the name?
If yes then to what?
DEFINITIONS: In archival science, a fonds is a group of documents that share the same origin and that have occurred naturally as an outgrowth of the daily workings of an agency, individual, or organization. ------ An archive is a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people.
Would you want to see a rework for how the Series 1 page looks?
Should we require writers not to use present-day political figures in articles?
This would be to prevent overly political articles that break the "no politics" rule and to maintain consistency. Currently, there is a mix of both real and fictional political figures referenced in articles. Rules:
How should the RPC-001 system function?
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