Strange Times Cycling Challenge
- Each week of April HBL will release 8 challenge tasks. You can complete all of them, or choose a minimum of five to do per week.
- Participants who complete at least 5 tasks EACH week will be entered to win a set of sweet front & back lights and a gift card to a bike store! The names of those that have successfully completed 20 tasks will be acknowledged publicly via HBL’s social media (Facebook and Instagram). The random drawing for the one (1) winner will be done on May 1st and announced in the following days. The winner will be contacted via email (we will ask for your email in Week 4).
- Participants must complete each of the week’s challenges (at least 5 tasks out of 8) to be entered in the winning drawing.
- Don't be a cheater! Your answers don't have to be elaborate, but be prepared to back your answers up if you are chosen as the winner.
- Anyone can participate in the challenge but you must be a current HBL member to be entered in the prize drawing.

➼ Did you complete Week #1 Challenge Tasks? ➼ Do them here:

Questions? Email Malia at
Did you complete Week 1 Tasks?
(At least 5 of 8 of the tasks.) Week #1 here:
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