Senior Session Questionnaire
I have included this section to get to know you a little before we meet for your session.
It's all about being prepared prior to the session with a little bit of information about you, your personality and what you would like from the session, which is of course, is all about you!
Please fill out the questionnaire below and we can design a package that best meets your needs.
Ty McClarty
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What are your interests and hobbies?
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What are your favorite colors?
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One thing about yourself people would never know about you just by looking at you
Is there anything special you'd like to do during your Senior Session?
What's one thing you cant live without?
What do you think is your best feature? C'mon, you know you have at least one!
What style of session would you like? *
If you selected other, please provide the style you want
Do you have any ideas for specific images? i.e. Cap&Gown, Sports Themed, etc ... (please be as detailed as possible)
Are you uncomfortable with any parts of your body that may be present in photos? i.e. birthmark, moles, etc ..
Do you or your parents have any questions? Ask away!
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