Application 2018
Stiggy's Dogs Application
Updated May 2018

This application is to be completed with accurate and truthful information as of the date submitted. If any information referenced, requested or noted in this application changes after the application is submitted, you are required to send any and all information updates to Failure to submit updated and/or truthful information may result in declination of this application, removal from the training program and/or removal of the service dog from the care of the veteran.

Please review all questions and statements carefully prior to submitting any answers. Failure to provide accurate and truthful information may result in declination of application, removal from any training or pairing provided by Stiggy’s Dogs and/or repossession of any service dog provided by Stiggy’s Dogs.

While completing this document, please be advised that the following terms are used and should be understood as follows, unless otherwise noted herein:
“Stiggy’s Dogs” means Stiggy’s Dogs and any representative thereof
“Applicant” means the veteran for whom this application is being submitted.
“Application” means this document being submitted electronically.
“Service Dog” means the service dog selected for the applicant through the Stiggy’s Dogs program
“Pairing” means the process by which veterans and dogs are released from the daily care of Stiggy’s Dogs and the Pairing Agreement is signed.

Terms and Conditions of Application and Legal Disclaimer
By completing this application, you acknowledge the following conditions of application and participation in the service dog program provided by Stiggy’s Dogs:
● You acknowledge that all information provided herein is true and accurate to the extent possible.
● You also understand that any misrepresentation of fact may result in denial of program benefits including, but not limited to, declination of this application, removal of the Applicant from training and all Stiggy’s Dogs facilities and/or removal of the Service Dog from the Applicant’s possession.
● You understand that routine care, including veterinary care, food, treats, water, toys and other routine canine care are your responsibility while in possession of the dog.
● You understand that submission of this Application does not obligate Stiggy’s Dogs to provide a Service Dog to the Applicant. This Application may be approved or declined at the sole and exclusive discretion of Stiggy’s Dogs. Reasons for the Application approval or denial and any rationale associated with this decision are confidential and Stiggy’s Dogs retains the discretion to inform the Applicant of these reasons and rationale upon request.
● You accept liability for any damage incurred or created by any Service Dog provided by Stiggy’s Dogs while in the Applicant’s care after Deployment is the sole responsibility of the Applicant. This includes, but is not limited to, physical damage to structures or objects, physical damage or injury to persons (including the Applicant’s own family and heirs) or any other damage or injury created by the Service Dog.
● You understand and acknowledge that acceptance to and entrance into the programs and training provided by Stiggy’s Dogs is conditioned upon meeting the requirements set forth by Stiggy’s Dogs including, but not limited to, acceptance of the terms and conditions of the programs as set forth at the commencement of such programs as well as acting in accordance with the program guidelines and instructions by representatives of Stiggy’s Dogs.

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