East LA Christmas Parade Application
Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2018 East LA Christmas Parade.

Please complete this form and submit payment and insurance (if applicable) by November 19, 2018. Please also email a photograph of your parade entry to Info@ELAChristmasParade.com. Submitting this application does not guarantee acceptance. You will be notified if your parade entry is accepted by email, on a rolling basis. Parade instructions and staging information will be sent to accepted entries 7 days prior to the parade.

For questions and more information, please email Info@ELAChristmasParade.com, or call 213.599.8055.
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Please choose a category for your parade entry. Note: awards will be given to 3rd place in all categories. Judging will be based on execution of the holiday theme, originality of design, and spectator appeal. *
*Insurance is required for these entries. **If you have questions about the fees, please contact Info@ELAChristmasParade.com.
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All entries are encouraged to carry an identification banner for their parade entry. If you do not have one, the parade can provide one for $50. Do you want a banner provided by the parade?
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My organization/business/city intends to enter in the East Los Angeles Christmas Parade. I/we have read the rules and regulations and agree to abide by them. I/we do hereby release North Star Alliances and the Whittier Boulevard Merchants Association, and/or any and all sponsors of this event, their agents, successors, representatives, and assignees of any loss, injury, or damages resulting from participating in the parade. I am typing my name below as a signature. *
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