9th FerryBox workshop
***********REGISTRATION HAS NOW CLOSED*************

Wed 14:00 24 April - Friday 12:00 26 April 2019 at the Aquarium in Genova, Italy

Acquario du Genova
Area Porto Antico, Ponte Spinola
16128 Genova

FerryBox systems on Ships of Opportunity facilitate an increasing amount of physical, chemical, and biological observations from the ocean and atmosphere. The observation system is part of larger European ocean observing networks coordinated by EuroGOOS and JERICO-RI, and data are handled primarily by Regional Operational Oceanographic Systems (ROOS), CMEMS-INSTAC, and EMODnet Physics at the European level. Contributions related to underway measurements from outside of the FerryBox community (e.g., ICOS, SOOP-XBT) are welcome to enhance knowledge exchange and future cooperation.

We invite abstracts for presentations for the following themes:

- Tackling environmental challenges using Ships of Opportunity and other underway measurements (e.g., eutrophication, ocean acidification, contamination, microplastics)
- Integration of Ships of Opportunity observations in physical and biogeochemical models
- Joint ICOS/FB session on ship-based carbonate system observations
- Data management including QA/QC procedures and data flow to ocean observation portals (e.g., CMEMS, EMODnet, SOCAT, etc.)

Registration fee: Free

Registration: 1 Feb 2019
Abstract submission: 18 Feb 2019
Abstract acceptance and preliminary agenda: 1 Mar 2019

For more information: http://www.ferrybox.org/dissemination/workshops/index.php.en

Wilhelm Petersen, wilhelm.petersen@hzg.de, +49 4152 872358
Andrew King, andrew.king@niva.no, +47 98227725
Antonio Novellino, contacts@emodnet-physics.eu, +39 010 6519116 (local organiser)

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