Toolik Field Station Bias and Microaggressions Report Form
Toolik Field Station (TFS) stands against racism in all its forms and we stand in support with BIPOC communities. Black Lives Matter as do the lives of all marginalized individuals around the world. We acknowledge the ways TFS has perpetuated individual and institutionalized racism through both action and inaction and are working hard to make Toolik an anti-racist and supportive community.

This form is intended to provide all members of the Toolik community (guests, researchers, educators, contractors, media, staff, etc) with a clear, supportive, and safe pathway to report minor infractions regarding bias and microaggressions at TFS, in order to make it possible to address them. This form can be filled out at any time, regardless of when an incident took place.

If you need to report a major infraction, including bullying, discrimination, harassment, assault, or overt racism and sexism, please refer to the TFS Code of Conduct or UAF Department of Equity and Compliance for your reporting options. Major infractions, such as some types of discrimination, harassment, and assault, will lead to disciplinary action and possible expulsion from TFS.

It is not easy to report. It takes courage, and we, the Toolik Community, support you in reporting an incident. We are committed to building and supporting an anti-racist community in which all individuals are safe and included.  By reporting incidence of bias, microaggressions, bullying, harassment, discrimination, or assault you will be helping to improve the climate of TFS by creating awareness that these issues occur at TFS and need to be addressed. Not all reported incidents will lead to disciplinary action; minor infractions may be addressed through discussion with the individual to ensure that they understand the gravity of the situation, and that what they said or did is an infraction. Additionally, a community discussion about why certain words and actions are not appropriate may be held, so that the community as a whole can learn.
At Toolik, our Code of Conduct is in accordance with federal and state law, and goes beyond the policies and regulations of the University of Alaska to create a safe environment for all guests and staff at the field station.

Anonymous Reporting:
If you wish to remain anonymous, you may do so with this form. Please note that anonymous reporting may limit the ability of TFS and/or UAF to address complaints. If you would prefer to report directly to the Department of Equity and Compliance (DEC) at UAF, you may also file a report anonymously via the UA Confidential Hotline at 855-251-5719 or through the UAF DEC online reporting form

If you are having an EMERGENCY, please contact the TFS EMT on duty (907-455-2516) or the Camp Manager on duty (906-455-2511) immediately.  You may fill out the form later, if you wish.

Who receives the report?:
This form will automatically be sent to the TFS Management Team (Syndonia Bret-Harte, Brian Barnes, Marin Kuizenga, Mike Reynolds, and Amanda Young) who will decide on actions to take and to our Communication & DEI Manager (Haley Dunleavy). TFS Management Team members are committed to create a safe culture of respect at Toolik. Additionally, the UAF Department of Equity and Compliance will be notified of reports of repeat offenders or major infractions. If you are reporting about one of the members of the Management Team, or do not feel comfortable with all of them receiving your report, please reach out (email or call) to one of the other members of the Management Team or to the UAF Department of Equity and Compliance.

If you would prefer to discuss the incident with someone present in camp, you can always talk to any of these people:
On-duty Camp Manager
On-duty Community Liaisons
Management team members
On-duty EMT

To report directly to the Office of Equity and Compliance at UAF, click on either of the following links:
Title IX Violation reporting
Discrimination reporting

Response Time:
Major infractions will initiate an immediate response (< 2 days). For minor infractions, you will be contacted to discuss the situation, and a plan to address the situation will be initiated through discussions with involved individuals within a week of submitting the form. Additionally, if the individual and/or management team feel it is appropriate, a discussion of appropriate behavior can be brought to the community during a designated discussion or the next user's forum.

Toolik Field Station will take every step possible to respect the privacy of those involved. Although TFS cannot commit to keeping a report confidential, we will use our best efforts not to disseminate information concerning the complaint beyond those that have a need to know. All TFS Staff are mandatory reporters for Title IX infractions and are obligated to share reports of sexual harassment with the Department of Equity and Compliance (DEC).  An investigation by the DEC into the reported event will not occur without the consent of the person reporting, unless there was a violence involved or the event was part of a pattern of behavior by the person who is the subject of the complaint. Reported events may be used, with the reporter’s permission, to educate the community about words and actions that are harmful, even if they were unintentional, during community meetings or through an email, while being kept anonymous.

Thank you for taking this important step of reporting, which will help TFS ensure a safe and inclusive community. If you have questions please contact the TFS Management Team (

Toolik Code of Conduct
UA Board of Regents Policy and Regulation 01.02.025- Discrimination
UA Board of Regents Policy and Regulation 01.04 - Sex and Gender-based Discrimination under Title IX
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