Comprehensive District Design Feedback Form
Thank you for your feedback on the Comprehensive District Design (CDD). Input from the MPS community is critical to the success of our students in the years to come. The CDD will be a blueprint for how MPS can provide a well-rounded education to every student in every part of our city. We know this won't come from changing just a few things--we need to look at every part of our system.

Please know your feedback will be considered. Until a model has been presented to the Board, however, we cannot respond to individual scenarios and questions--because nothing has been approved by the board.

We do want to provide some information that may help provide context for specific questions. We update our FAQ's regularly on the CDD website, where you’ll also find links to videos and presentations, and opportunities to provide input.

Additionally, we hope you’ll take advantage of opportunities to share your thoughts about the CDD at Listening and Info Sessions scheduled for January and February. Note that additional meetings may occur at non-MPS locations such as community and faith-based organizations, so watch this website for updates and/or changes in the schedule.

Finally, check out the CDD Digest, our easy-to-understand videos on the latest CDD developments.

Thank you, again, for advocating for a better education in Minneapolis.

Information you provide is subject to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. This law classifies certain information as available to the public on request.
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