Hundred Fruit Farm 2021 Babydoll Lamb Waiting List
This form is the waiting list for our babydoll lambs for 2021 and beyond. There is no commitment required to be on this list. Every year, when our lambs become available, we will work our way down the list in order and see who is still interested. We have very high demand right now for our lambs so unfortunately not everyone on this list will be able to get a lamb in 2021, but if you continue to stay on the waiting list, I promise we will get to you eventually!
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Policies - read this please before signing up!
We raise our flock organically on green pasture within our orchard whenever the grass is growing, and then hay in the winter months. We do not feed grain except occasionally to pregnant and lactating ewes, and always organically grown grain. These lambs are not raised for slaughter, but are intended as pets or for vineyards/orchards to which they are ideally suited. We do not dock tails but we can castrate rams if you want a wether. Every lamb will be given an eartag and will be given their CD&T vaccinations and boosters before leaving our farm. We will name each lamb, but you are of course welcome to re-name them anything you want! Lambs are weaned and available for pick-up to their new home after they are at least 80 days old.

Please do NOT sign up for the waiting list if you are not willing to pick up your lambs in person at our farm in Buckingham, PA. We are not able to transport lambs for anyone.
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What is the best phone number to reach you at? (We will only use this number to contact you in the case that we have a lamb available for you and not for marketing purposes or any other reason.) *
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Do you have any sheep already (of any breed) or will these be your first sheep? *
Lamb Prices for 2021
Ewe lambs: $500 each (unregistered)

Ram/wether lambs: $400 each (unregistered)

Registered ewe lambs: $800 each (BSSBA registered)

Registered ram lambs: $600 each (BSSBA registered)
Do you want registered lambs? Registered lambs cost more but come with paperwork from the Babydoll Southdown Sheep Breeders Association (BSSBA) proving their pedigree and adherence to the breed standard. This is often very useful to have if you intend on breeding your sheep and selling lambs someday yourself. We give highest priority to anyone on the waiting list who is looking for registered sheep, so this can be a useful way to get a lamb from us sooner. *
Please let us know what kind and how many lambs you are interested in purchasing. (Please note that we have a limit of two lambs per customer per year due to very high demand. We only have one breeding line, so we will also not sell a ewe and a ram together as they will be closely related.) *
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Thanks so much! Anything else you want us to know?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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