Participant Session Submission Form
The Frontline Oil and Gas submit is reserving workshop spaces to be submitted by participants to ensure that the space represents the needs of the community. We hope that these panels will span the breadth of the movement and the Program working group is working to ensure that.

All proposals are due by April 10th with decisions be given out on April 15th.

On April 11th- all completed proposals will be reviewed by the Program working group (consisting of representatives from the Ponca Nation, Movement Rights, IEN, WeCAN, Tejas, and the Sierra Club) based on meeting of the criteria laid out below.

While we wish we could accept all submissions- please understand we cannot due to limitations of time and space.

Have you registered for the conference or a scholarship
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Do you represent a Frontline community? If so where?
What is your gender
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Please provide race/ethnic background (check all that apply)
Which of the four tracks does you workshop or panel fit into
You understand that each session is 90 or minutes and will craft an agenda that fits those 90 minutes
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Name of your session
Goals of your session
Type of Session
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Please provide the agenda for your session
Who are the facilitators?
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