2020-2021 Eligibility Survey 合资格调查问卷
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Student Name 学生姓名 *
2020-2021 Grade 年级 *
2020-2021 School 学校 *
Is your student a new or returning student? Please note, returning students are those who have completed the school year and have attended after school tutoring with Project: VISION. 请问您的小孩上学年有在PV接受课后补习服务吗? *
Does your student participate in other academic after school programs? 你的学生有参加其他的课后学术性活动吗? *
If yes, please list the provider: 若有, 请列出活动中心的名字:
How many people are in your household? 你们家里有多少人? *
Who in your family has attended college in the United States? (Check all that apply.) 在家里,有谁上过美国的大学? (可多选) *
Who in the family was born outside of the United States? (Check all that apply.) 在家里, 谁在美国境外出生的? (可多选)
Please enter your 2019 Income for both parents (if applicable). Note: This number can generally be found on 'Line 1' of your 1040 Individual Income Tax Return. 请问您2019年的总收入是什么?(在您的1040税表上与第一页“Line 1”对应的数字) *
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