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Thank you for your interest in using Beliefmapping. This form enables people to apply to use Beliefmapping. Applications are reviewed by the Zacharias Trust team during normal UK office hours. When you are approved we will send you an email with links to further resources. For further help you are welcome to email:
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Principles of use
1. Beliefmapping is designed to help you and your team have great person-to-person conversations, so only you and your team should have access to it. You can share a log-in together.

2. The survey works best when somebody fills out the paper copy (i.e. the questionnaire), then you type the results into the Beliefmapping survey for them (accessed via your phone or computer) and then give them the outcome detailed on the analysis sheet.

3. Please don’t give out the login/password beyond your team (e.g. don’t post it online on social media or e-mail it beyond your immediate team).

4. If you want to set up a new location, then you’ll need to contact us. It’s easy for us to do and we’d be delighted to see the Beliefmapping survey used; we just want to keep track of things.

5. Please do not change the survey, the questionnaire or the analysis sheets.

6. The survey and data belong to OCCA; you are very welcome to look at the data that you have collected, but please bear in mind that the data that we are collecting about beliefmaps is part of an OCCA plan for gathering better global missional insights.

Are you happy for us (OCCA) to store the information that you enter here (so that we can control access to the survey), you may ask us to remove it at any time? *
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