EarthGuides: Outdoor Educator Training Application Form 2022/23
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If the position were to open up, do you see yourself being interested in applying to work as a paid staff at the Forest School for the year 2023-2024?
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Are you willing to pay a 300.00 deposit, refundable at the completion of the program (with no more than 4 missed days).
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What motivates you to work as an outdoor educator?
Do you have any prior experience in outdoor education or any experience working with children in any setting? If so, please elaborate.
What skills and attributes do you have that you think would be useful as a mentor at the Forest School?
What do you anticipate being challenging about working as a Forest School mentor?
What are some things you are most excited to learn about/ skills you are excited to gain during your apprenticeship?
What is your first choice for the day you assist in the field?
What is your second choice for the day you assist in the field?
What is your third choice for the day you assist in the field?
If the position is available would you be interested in a paid position in our Afterschool program? If yes which days?
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ReTribe Agreements for working with youth
Adults who interact with young people must commit to these agreements during their work at ReTribe teen retreats:
I agree to cultivate a respect and generosity of spirit for young people
I agree to nurture young people in my words and deeds.
·       I agree to refrain from aggressive, hostile, or demeaning, untruthful, harsh, or hurtful speech towards young people.
·       I agree to refrain from acting aggressively or harmfully towards young people.
·       I agree to refrain from sexualized speech or behavior towards young people.
·       I agree not to be under the influence of intoxicants or addictive substances (including alcohol, cannabis, or tobacco) while with young people, or use them while with young people, or offer them to young people.
I agree that before contacting a participant of ReTribe under the age of 18 I will get parental consent to engage with this participant on an ongoing basis or to see them in person. Additionally I agree to clearly communicate to those parents that I am not representing ReTribe in these interactions outside of retreats.
I agree that while engaging with youth as part of my work on a ReTribe program I will not give medical advice that is beyond my training including advice about medications for depression anxiety, gender dysmorphia, etc.

Staff Agrees To Refrain From The Following:
·       Touching that is an expression of anger in any form.
·       Touching of youth except by way of showing support or affection; i.e., no touching as a mode of direction or discipline.
·       Touching that causes pain, even if done in play.
·       Drawing youth into physical contact that they resist.
·       Touching a child’s body with an adult’s genital area or buttocks.
·       Touching the general area of a child’s genitals, buttocks, or breasts.
·       Any touching or speech that could reasonably, even if inaccurately, be interpreted by a child as having sexual intent or connotations (i.e., kissing, repeated caressing, effusive praise or endearments).    
·       Helping a child change clothes in a private setting.
·       Off-color jokes.
·       Asking a child to give compliments or affection.

FYI: Child abuse, including sexual molestation, is illegal and can result in a felony conviction and imprisonment.
The precepts are broad guidelines that encourage some things and ask one to refrain from others; each type is equally important.  In addition to undertaking the precepts themselves, staff and volunteers commit to speak up if they observe an adult not adhering to them with young people at ReTribe programs.  In these cases, generally communicate directly to the individual involved, and always follow up by mentioning your observations to ReTribe administrative staff (Julia, Jane or John).

I agree to the above agreements and my name here serves as my signature *
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