Purdue AITP Computing Challenge Day 2020 Sign-Up Form
Computing Challenge Day 2020 is on Saturday, March 7th from 9:00am-6:30pm in WALC 1132

This event is completely FREE for Purdue students to attend. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the challenge(s) you wish to participate in for check-in and setup.
YOU DON'T HAVE TO STAY THE WHOLE TIME - Just the times slots you wish to compete in.
Lunch and Dinner will be provided to CCD participants. Over $6,000 in cool, techy prizes will be available for participants who place top three in each event.


* If you win a prize, you MUST provide your Social Security number. This is a Purdue policy because receiving a prize technically counts as a scholarship. If you have already received the MAX number of scholarships at Purdue, accepting this prize WILL AFFECT your other scholarship because you already received the MAX number of scholarships.

* IF YOU ARE AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT: You must have a friend who can provide their Social Security number and claim the prize for you!

For more information, contact Alijiah Bullard at bullarda@purdue.edu or (317) 954-5584

PRIZES CAN BE VIEWED HERE: bit.ly/purdueccd2020
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