2019 EMAIFO Member's Test
Test is Due by September 5, 2019
Answer using 2019 NFHS Football Rules

In the exam situations:

A—refers to the offensive team, and
B—refers to their opponents the defensive team.
K—refers to the kicking team, and
R—refers to the receiving team
A1, B1, K1 and R1 are players of these teams.
A-12, B-35, etc. are yard line designations.

If team possession changes during the down, each team retains its identity.

In kicking situations, it is not during a try and no fair-catch signal has been given unless specified.

Unless stated, acts occur while:
- the ball is inbounds;
- a forward pass is legal;
- any out-of-bounds is between the goal lines.

Line means scrimmage line.

Reference to a foul is to a player foul which is not unsportsmanlike.

There is no foul or change of possession, unless it is mentioned.

Penalties are considered accepted for enforcement, unless declining the penalty is more advantageous for the offended team.
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#'s 1-25 are True/False questions.
1. At the snap, at least five A players shall be on their line of scrimmage and no more than five A players may be backs. *
2. Ready-for-play signifies that the ball may be put in play by a snap or a free kick with 25 seconds or 40 seconds on the play clock. *
3. The passer continues to be a defenseless player until the legal forward pass ends or the passer moves to participate in the play. *
4. During a kick, an offensive player may use his hands or arms to ward off an opponent who is attempting to block him. *
5. It is not forward-pass interference if contact by B is obviously away from the direction of the pass. *
6. A receiver attempting to catch a pass who has not had time to clearly become a runner is not considered a defenseless player. *
7. Illegal participation fouls by the receiving team occurring during the kick are enforced under post-scrimmage kick fouls. *
8. The head coach of each team is not responsible for his team being on the field for the mandatory three-minute warm-up period after halftime intermission. *
9. A signal given by R1 in or behind the neutral zone during a scrimmage kick is an illegal fair-catch signal. *
10. When a penalty is accepted with less than two minutes remaining in either half, the offended team will have the option to start the game clock on the snap. *
11. It is a field goal even if the ball passes through the line of the upright extended and blows back over the crossbar. *
12. No player or non-player shall execute a blindside block outside of the free-blocking zone with forceful contact unless initiated with open hands. *
13. If K1’s field-goal attempt deflects off K2’s shoulder while he is in the expanded neutral zone, no goal is scored even if the ball passes between the uprights and above the crossbar. *
14. A backward pass is a pass thrown with its initial direction parallel with or toward the runner’s end line. *
15. If the passer’s foot is beyond the neutral zone when the ball leaves the passer’s hand on a forward pass, it is an illegal forward pass. *
16. A foul that occurs simultaneously with the snap is an exception to the all-but-one enforcement principle. *
17. If an A player goes out of bounds voluntarily and returns inbounds, at the first opportunity he/she may legally participate. *
18. All fouls by A during the down are enforced from the basic spot. *
19. While it is possible to have several running plays during a down, with each one having its own basic spot of penalty enforcement (where the related run ended), there can only be one loose-ball play during a down. *
20. Team A can break the huddle with 12 players so long as 3 seconds have not elapsed since the substitute reported to the huddle. *
21. If A1 is in his own end zone when he intentionally grounds a forward pass, it is a safety even if B declines the penalty. *
22. A scrimmage kick recovered in or behind the neutral zone may be advanced by K or R, unless it is during a try. *
23. It is a touchback if A1 fumbles on B’s 5-yard line and B1’s muff forces the loose ball into B’s end zone and out of bounds beyond the end line. *
24. If the kicking team is in possession after a legal scrimmage kick, not on fourth down, and does not make a first down, the clock does not stop. *
25. The holder on a try or field goal attempt must rise from his knee before handing off or throwing a pass. If he must get up to get the snap, he may immediately go to his knee to hold the ball or rise again to hand off or throw a pass. If he does not, the ball is dead as soon as his knee touches the ground. *
Multiple Choice
#'s 26-50 are Multiple Choice
26. The penalty for a forward pass, batted, muffed or caught by an ineligible A player who is behind, in or beyond the neutral zone is ________________________ *
27. A defensive player shall not *
28. The enforcement spot for any foul by the defense is the ________________ when the run ends in the end zone and would result in a safety. *
29. 4th and 12 from the B-22. A12 runs a sweep and at the B-12 he fumbles the ball forward and out of bounds at the B-9. Ruling: *
30. 4th and 20 at the A-30. QB A14’s facemask is grabbed and pulled at the A-20 prior to his throwing an incomplete pass. Ruling: *
31. R46 completes a fair catch outside the numbers on the K-30. The ball may next be put in play: *
32. Free kick from the K-40. The ball goes out of bounds untouched at the R-20. Which of the following is not an option? *
33. While the ball is in flight from a free kick from the K 40, K85 runs downfield and catches the ball at the R 45. No team R player is in the area. Ruling: *
34. Free Kick from the K-40. Which of the following is NOT true: *
35. 4th and 5 at the 50. Team K’s high and short scrimmage kick hits the ground untouched at the R-45 and bounces back to the K-45 where K37 recovers it and runs to the R 40. Ruling: *
36. 4th and 5 at the 50. Team K’s high and short scrimmage kick lands beyond the neutral zone and returns behind it. Team R then touches the ball at the K-48; K24 picks up the ball and is tackled at the R-47. Ruling: *
37. R39 gives an illegal fair catch signal at the K-35 after he has run with the scrimmage kick for five yards. He fumbles; K28 recovers it and runs for a TD. Ruling: *
38. 3rd and 7 at the A-28. Right defensive end B89 enters the neutral zone drawing a reaction from right offensive tackle A76 who jumps forward. Ruling: *
39. After all Team A players are set, halfback A22 moves to a new position in the backfield and is not set for 1 second before the snap. Ruling: *
40. 1st and 10 at the A-35. A25 takes a handoff and runs around right end, stops three yards downfield and pitches back to A12 who is at the A-32. A12 throws a forward pass to A88 for a touchdown. Ruling: *
41. A12’s pass is tipped two yards behind the neutral zone by A25 and continues downfield to A88 who catches it 5 yards beyond the neutral zone and runs for a TD. A55 was five yards downfield before the pass was thrown. Ruling: *
42. 3rd and 26 on the A-35. A12’s pass is thrown well over A88’s head at the B-40. While the ball is inflight, B24 contacts A88. Ruling: *
43. 2nd and 14 at the B-26 (left hash). QB A12 rolls out to his right and is at the right hash on the B-33 when he throws a pass that crosses the neutral zone with no eligible Team A player in the area. Ruling: *
44. 3rd and 7 at the A-37. QB A15 in a shotgun formation takes the snap and immediately spikes the ball to stop the clock. Ruling: *
45. Team A’s field goal attempt from the B-35 is short and rolls dead in the field of play or goes out of bounds at the B 3-yard line. Ruling: *
46. On a try, K’s kick is blocked and returned for an apparent two points *
47. On 4th and 7, Team A’s field goal attempt from the B-22 is good. During the play, B-56 holds. Ruling: *
48. Immediately after a hand to hand snap, guard A62 blocks linebacker B63, who is two yards beyond the neutral zone, below the waist. Ruling: *
49. During A15’s run, A67 throws a block after stepping on the sideline and returning inbounds. *
50. QB A15 drops back into his own end zone. He is tackled there by a twisting face mask. Which of the following is not true? *
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