Cedar Fort In-Kind Tracking
Please let us know what you are doing to reduce your wildfire risk.
Date of activity
Activity type
Prevention = Activities directed at reducing the occurrence of fires, including public education, law enforcement, personal contact. Preparedness = Activities that lead to a state of response readiness to contain the effects of wildfire to minimize loss of life, injury, and damage to property. Including access to home/community, combustibility of homes/structures and creating survivable space. Mitigation = Actions that are implemented to reduce or eliminate risks to persons, property or natural resources including fuel treatments and reduction.
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Describe the activity you did
Who, what, where
Number of people
Number of hours worked
If there were multiple in your group, please calculate hours for everyone. For example, 12 people worked 4 hours equals 48 total hours for the group. 48 hours is the total you would enter.You can also share this link the with the other members of your group and have them fill hours out individually.
Materials used
Chainsaw, fuel, brushmower, handtools, heavy equipment, food, etc.
Value of materials used
Hourly rental fee, food costs, etc.
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