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What does the digital divide look like in your home, classroom, or community?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to upend our education system, up to 16 million students in the U.S. are without access to the technology they need to participate in distance learning. And it's not just students—up to 400,000 teachers lack adequate internet access for teaching remotely.

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Questions to consider:  If you’re a teacher, do you still have students that are left offline, what are your concerns for them? Do you have internet access but it’s too slow or you are constantly dropped from learning sessions? Do you have adequate devices to learn from (not cell phones)? Are you also juggling working at home? What resources would be most helpful when remote teaching or learning this school year? Do you feel you, your children, or your students are receiving the training support needed to be successful? How have short term solutions, like wifi hotspots or connected devices helped,  and what are some of their limitations?
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