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SBNC State Coalitions are statewide student-run organizations that work to raise awareness about student basic needs access and college affordability issues, partner with legislators on putting forth legislation, and be an organizing launchpad within their state.

If you are interested in getting involved in your state fill out the following form and someone will get back to you within (7) days.

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State Chair
The State Chair is responsible for overseeing the creation and operations of a State Coalition. The State Chair is responsible for communicating with Nationals.

Director of Advocacy
The Director of Advocacy is responsible for coordinating the advocacy efforts of your State Coalition. This includes setting up meetings with government officials and helping introduce state legislation.

Director of Organizing
The Director of Organizing is responsible for the coalition’s outreach efforts in growing the membership of your State Coalition, developing partnerships with other organizations, and working to recruit student leaders to build chapters on campuses in your state.

Director of Communications
The Director of Communication is responsible for managing your State Coalition’s online presence, crafting press releases and statements, and overseeing external and internal communications.

General Members
General Members are able to serve on committees and take up additional roles and responsibilities as they arise.

Campus Representative
Campus Reps work to connect other current students on their campus to statewide efforts that the State Coalition is working on.
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IF APPLICABLE: What college/university do you attend? (Full name of school and campus, no abbreviations)
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