Philomath School District AVID Student  Application
STUDENT: Please complete the following application to be considered as a member of the AVID elective in grades 7-11.  Final acceptance will be determined upon completion of an interview.
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Current Grade Level *
Describe a time in the classroom from  Kindergarten to now, when you felt really proud of yourself. *
What activities are you involved in throughout the year? This includes sports, clubs, or other competitions.
Do you stay home from school a lot? If yes, why? If no, explain.
Describe a time when you felt upset at school.  Why did you get upset? Did it get resolved? How?
What do you like most about school? What do you like least? Explain thoroughly
Student Information
This information will assist us in identifying  possible candidates who best fit the AVID profile. Please complete the following questionnaire. This is confidential and will only be used by the AVID Site Team.
Parent/Guardian's Highest Educational Level
Free/Reduced Lunch
Ethnic Background (Mark all that apply)
Student Gender
Supplemental Criteria: What languages do you speak at home?
Please share ANY challenges you have faced academically at school, or outside of school in life.   *
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