2018 Work Share Application
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The schedule that you will work will start in May (specific date to be determined). Work is EVERY WEEK/ALL SEASON: work 8 hours every week through October (20-22 weeks)
Preferred work shifts:
Would you be interested in working our tent at the Auburn Farmers Market every last Saturday of June, July, August & September
Please indicate all days and times you can work below:
Please indicate all days and times you can work below (this is the scheduled CSA pick up time every week)
Short notice projects– Sometimes needs arise that, due to weather or other garden conditions, require a quick response. This work is counted toward the members work hours
If we may contact you within 1 or 2 days notice, please check any of the following that may apply:
Skills and Limitations – please tell us about specific gardening/farming skills, experience, and/or knowledge you may have, as well as any physical factors that may limit your ability to perform certain types of work-this is not to help “decide” if you are in a position to be a workshare, but more so how we can accommodate different bodied people in the farm environment.(e.g. knee replacement, cannot do work requiring kneeling)
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Cancellation/schedule conflicts​– There may be days or weeks you can’t work due to vacations or other commitments. Those hours can be made up by working additional or longer shifts, or potentially having a friend step in for you. A​ll work schedule changes must be arranged beforehand ​with Amanda. Please list any specific dates that you will be unavailable to work:
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