Emerging Artist Mentorship Program Application

Applicants should be 16 years old or older, passionate about their art work and ready for a professional career. Aspiring Artists should have training in their prospective field, and be highly talented. There is no upper limit to age eligibility.



Art Without Limits (AWoL) will work with you to locate the right mentor. Applicants will have a preliminary meeting with the prospective mentor and AWoL representative to understand the process, see if the mentorship will be viable and set goals. You will sign a contract with your mentor and give an update report to AWoL on a monthly basis. We are insured and we will check our mentors’ qualifications.

Mentorships last up to a year. There is no charge, however Emerging Artists are asked to give back to their mentor, to Art Without Limits and to the future generation of artists. GIVING BEGETS GIVING! A contract will be signed with your mentor and Art Without Limits which will be reviewed periodically to make sure that goals are being reached and make any adaptations that are necessary. Goals change! You will meet with your mentor as arranged and as often as is possible.

You will keep track of your meetings and make a note of what you covered and new thoughts you might have. You will reach out to us for your needs related to the mentorship. We will stay in touch by phone on a monthly basis, or more often, just to make sure you are on track and see what else you need to make it a great experience. We will help you arrange a session to work with the next generation of artists.

Our goal is to help you get the tools you need to succeed in your art work, to honor and cheer you on! Call or email if you have questions.


Jodi McLeod, Executive Director | 805-452-4881
Julie McLeod, Mentorship Director | 805-565-1332

Art Without Limits | talent@awolsb.org | 816 Chelham Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93108
501(c)(3) Nonprofit Tax ID Number: #77-0050060

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