2018 Letters Page Podcast Awards Nominations
Welcome to the first annual Letters Page Podcast Awards Nominations! Use this form to nominate the episodes and questions you wish to see in the voting! Only Episodes, Editor's Notes, and Extrasodes that aired in 2018 are in the running for these awards. (A complete list of all the episodes with lots of extra info can be found here: https://sentinelswiki.com/index.php?title=Podcasts)

Each person is only allowed to fill this form out once - if you submit this form multiple times, it will negate all your submitted nominations, so don't do that! You don't need to fill out every section of the form. Any nominations that you don't want to give an answer for, just leave blank.

Nominations will be live until December 13th, so get your nominations in by then!

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The following four nominations are single answer nominations. Please include both the episode name and number in your answer.
Best Storytelling Episode
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Best Audio Production Episode
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Funniest Episode
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Worst Episode
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The following four nominations should include 3 pieces of information: what episode the question is from, who the question asker was, and what the question was about.
Most Revealing Question
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Funniest Question
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Saddest Question
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Best Fan Theory Question
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