Is Your Employer Giving You Time To Vote?
The U.S. has one of the lowest voter turnouts among developed nations for a whole host of complicated reasons — among them, the fact that Election Day falls on a Tuesday and is not a federal holiday. This year, several high-profile businesses have been announcing various ways they're getting out the vote, including making November 3rd a paid company holiday — so what is your workplace doing? Are they giving you a few hours off? Flexible schedules? The whole day off? Encouraging you to become a poll worker?
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Is your employer giving employees time off from work to vote? In what way? Is this a new policy or a longstanding one?
Have you ever not voted in an election because you just didn't have the time, or the nearest poll was too far away?
Is your company doing anything else to get out the vote or increase participation? (Like helping register voters, encouraging volunteering as a poll worker, etc)
In the past, has an employer ever encouraged you to vote for a certain political cause or candidate?
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