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At our Rallye, we have 3 broader genres-Muscle, Custom, and Major Factory/Stock. Within each genre there are several subcategories. The intention of our classes is to create a fun and fair environment for all participants.

All years and generations of the specified vehicles. Intended to represent the V8 Muscle Car. Cars entering the Muscle Car Class must have a V8, with the exception of the Vintage Corvette. This class is further broken down into Vintage, Modern, and Shelby/Cobra.

STREET: Generally years 1900-1954-This class represents those cars that have been changed significantly from their original design. A car in this class would have several of the following: a non-factory paint color, different wheels, engine changes, major engine modifications, dress kits or interior changes.
RESTOMOD: Generally years from 1955 up until the mid 80's. Cars in this class need to be old enough to have been restored or put back together with new, aftermarket parts that were not on the vehicle when it was produced.
RATROD: RatRod-late 20's through late 50's vehicle (car or truck), significant customization including chopped top, channeled body-over-frame, swapped parts from other vehicles, modified grills and lights, unfinished

Major Factory/Stock
GMC/Chevrolet, Ford, MOPAR, 4X4/Jeep/Offroad, and all imports which don't comply with the previously mentioned categories fit into this class.
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