2019 Farrington Way Award nomination form
This award has been presented annually since 1976. The awardee is someone who has contributed to support and maintain the Farrington Way through his or her actions in the school, for the school, and/or for the community. This person could be a student, a faculty/staff member, or anyone who works with our school community.

To the Students, Faculty, and Staff of FHS: The Farrington Alumni and Community Foundation presents an award each year to a student, faculty, staff or community member who best meets the description of “The Farrington Way.” You are invited and encouraged to submit nominations for this award. Outlined below is the information.

As a member of Farrington High School:
I believe in attaining high scholarship and good sportsmanship,
I believe in striving for good citizenship,
I believe in respecting my fellow man,
I believe in being morally upright and spiritually sound,
Thus making me a credit to my school,
Learning and living the Farrington Way.

A candidate for the Farrington Way Award should, therefore:
1. Always try his best in whatever tasks he undertakes
2. Actively participate in school and community activities for the betterment of the school and community
3. Demonstrate his care and concern for other people
4. Demonstrate a sense of fair play in all activities of school, home, and community
5. Possess personal qualities and demonstrate deeds that exemplify all that is best that we call the “Farrington Way”

1. Any student, faculty or staff member, or community member of Farrington High School who has been associated with the school since July of the current school year may be nominated.
2. The award winner must be a present member of the school.
3. The award winner must be nominated by a staff or faculty member of Farrington High School (FHS) or a student or small group of students currently enrolled at FHS.
4. No self-nominations will be considered.

1. The nomination may be made on the basis of any one or a combination of the following factors:
a. A specific or special accomplishment or series of accomplishments which have contributed to the benefit of Farrington High School and the community.
b. A specific or special accomplishment or series of accomplishments which have contributed to the credit and honor of Farrington High School and the community.
c. Demonstration of outstanding school spirit.
d. Demonstration of care and concern for others in the school, home and community.
2. The Farrington Way Award nomination forms must be used in submitting a nomination. Hard copies of the nomination forms are available in Sandy Ramiscal's box at the Business Office.
3. The person making the nomination may be asked to provide further information.

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