Application to join MCS's Administration

Just imagine:
- you are the person who knows everything and everyone
- you make people know everything and everyone
- you help make MCS as it is

And it is all with joining Administration team.

There are 4 available positions at MCS's Administration.
And ONLY one requirement - English - upper-intermediate.

(1) Assistant of Deputy Head:
- communication with administration of the University, partners, coaches and teams
- organizing of MCS events (e.g. presentations, meetings, workshops, selections)
- organizing MCS's Contest

(2) Assistant of PR manager:
- social media marketing (SMM) (VK, facebook)
- managing of the website
- communication with administration of the Univerisity, partners, etc.

(3) Fundraiser:
- search for sponsors and partners of MCS
- communication with University administration on MCS support

(4) Content manager:
- preparation of articles on MCS's events
- mailings
- provision of content for social networks

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