Picube Sponsorship Application
This form is made for those who are serious about getting into Team Picube. Please answer this form honestly. If any frauds were detected, Picube will not hesitate to withdraw your application.
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Benefits of being a part of Team Picube
1. Monthly allowance which can be exchanged for free speedcubes on PicubeShop(up to 100USD).
2. Discounted price for all products purchased on PicubeShop.
3. Fully sponsored WCA certified competition.
4. Free Picube merchandise.
5. Picube referral program.

1. Discounted price for all products purchased on PicubeShop.
2. Free Picube merchandise.
3. Picube referral program.
What is expected from Team Picube?
Essentially, a sponsorship or ambassadorship would require you to constantly update your social media pages with cubing content. At the same time, you will be provided with referral code to promote Picube on your social media.

More details will be provided upon confirmation of sponsorship/ambassadorship.
Minimum Requirements for Sponsorship
You are encouraged to meet these requirements before submitting the application.

*NOTE: Only People from Asia/Europe and North America are edligible for the sponsorship.
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