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*Please read the instructions before completing the form.*

This form should be completed after parents and teens have watched and discussed each Chosen session together for a full hour. When we are not able to gather in person, we look forward to reading your substantive responses (at least 3 full sentences for long answer prompts) to these questions! While we don't require "correct" answers, we are looking to see that you have engaged with these videos and the questions provided in the digital platform. Your reflections here serve as a way to reflect more deeply on the videos the same way you would in small group, so please consider them thoughtfully.

0.3/1.0 indicates 1/3 credit - Your response needs to be three full sentences and you gave us one or less.
0.6/1.0 indicates 2/3 credit - Your response only gave us one or two topics or sentences, and we need three.
0.5/1.0 indicates half credit - Regardless of length, your response was too short to really indicate to us how well you did or did not engage with the material.

You will not be penalized for lower grades, and lower grades will not affect your ability to be Confirmed. However, lower grades do indicate that you have not shown us full engagement with the material and we need to hear more from you in your future responses.

Thank you, and we look forward to reading your responses!
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