IIEEC Osaka  Application Form: August and September 2020      (申込書 2020年 8月、9月分) 改訂版


Thank you very much for your interest in our workshops and seminars.
This is the application form for the coming events.

〇 Mini Study Group Meeting (Online)  ★★★Completed
July 19th 10:00~12:30 (Including 30min. discussion  @ Zoom
  PK: What are these? They are ~s.  Lecture :Elements of Natural English
Fee: ¥3,500

〇 1-Day MAT Basic Seminar ①   (Online)
August 23rd 10:00~15:00 (Including 1 hour lunch break)
  @ Zoom

〇 Mini Study Group Meeting (Online)
  September 13th 10:00~12:30 @ Zoom
PK: Who is he/she? Lecture: What makes a conversation?
Fee: ¥3,500

〇 Halloween Workshop (Online)
  September 13th 13:30~15:30@ Zoom
Fee: ¥4,000

**As for Sep. 13th, if you take the MIni Study Group Meeting in the morning AND the Halloween Workshop in the afternoon, we will give you a ¥500 discount and the fee will be ¥7,000

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.


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Do you plan to attend the 1-Day MAT Basic Seminar on August 23rd? 8月23日開催の1-Day MAT Basic Seminarに参加希望されますか?  (Fee: ¥10,000) *
Do you plan to attend the meeting on Sep. 13th. 9月13日のワークショップに参加希望されますか? *
If there is any comments or questions, please feel free to write here.  参加されるにあたっての特に知りたいこと、聞きたいこと、またレッスンでのお困りごとなどありましたら、ご自由にお書きください。
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