RID Approved Sponsor Application

Please review the Standards and Criteria for Approved Sponsors prior to completing this application.  It is critical that you are familiar with these expectations, requirements and guidelines for RID Approved Sponsors.

NOTE: Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) are a counting tool. They should not be the focus of your application response. Please describe how you will sponsor quality professional development. This application is to determine if you are qualified to sponsor educational programming that will address current gaps in our field and that will advance the field of continuing interpreter education. 

This application allows individuals and organizations to demonstrate their readiness to be Approved Sponsors for the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP). Applicants should be knowledgeable and competent in the art of interpreter education. Applicants must demonstrate they have remained current with emerging science and technologies in the field. RID seeks applicants who are able to identify, address, and respond to the current needs and gaps in the field of continuing interpreter education. The successful applicant will be familiar with:

The successful application will demonstrate to RID that the prospective future Sponsor has the ability to address the education and development needs of RID certified and associate members.

NOTE: This application is for those interested in being approved to process Sponsor Initiated Activities (SIAs), Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities (PINRAs), and Academic Coursework. The application for managing and processing Independent Studies is separate and requires a second application process and is not available at this time.

The currency, knowledge and skills of certified and not-yet certified interpreters is RID’s chief concern. Responses to the questions below will indicate the prospective Sponsor’s (Applicant’s) ability and capacity to actively address the deficits and gaps in the field through quality educational programming.

Upon submission of the application to the PDC for review, applicants will be required to submit a $200 processing fee. This fee is non-refundable. RID HQ will be in touch once an application is received with information about submitting the payment.

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Contact Information
Name of Organization (if you are applying as an individual, please list your name): *
Administrator: *
The individual who will handle the day to day management for the Sponsorship
Administrator Email Address: *
Administrator Voice/VP: *
Backup Administrator: *
Backup Email: *
Mailing Address: *
Website: *
Describe the structure of your organization - type, size, and primary purpose:
Please identify the relevant professional affiliations you have: *
How are you currently informed about the science of interpreter education and what is required to be a competent professional certified interpreter? *
What is your organization's mission and how is quality educational programming for interpreters incorporated into this mission (be detailed)? *
How do you plan to support the RID CMP/ACET Mission (see mission statements on page 3 of RID Standards & Criteria) *
Describe the financial support (other than registration fees) designated from your organization that will be devoted to the professional development program to ensure it will be sustainable. *
Describe the type of educational technology (e.g., Course Management System, Google Workspace, Microsoft suite, GoReact, Zoom, etc.) to be used and be specific. *
What type of activities do you anticipate sponsoring? (see pages 11-12 of RID Standards & Criteria for activity types/descriptions) *
Will you limit your service to a specific group or focus of interpreters (e.g. within a company or region, within a specialty area or topic)? If yes, why? *
Provide description of at least two recent professional development activities (or, proposed activities) and describe how they advance the interests of RID interpreters (be detailed): *
Identify your prospective administrator's knowledge of the CMP/ACET program, and their relevant experience and/or competence to manage this work - why is this individual qualified for this critical role? *
How long will the program administrator serve in their position and how will they be replaced if they leave? Identify a transition plan for changes and training for the new administrator. *
How will RID member records be protected and retained? *
How will educational programming be created, selected, or determined?
How will educational objectives be developed for each activity or event and by whom - be very specific and detailed in your response. *
How does the program administrator ensure the educational objectives are written as measurable and achievable? *
Please provide two examples of educational objectives that are specific, measurable, and that have achievable outcomes. *
The goal of all of your programming will be to achieve the stated educational objectives. Upon each program completion, beyond asking for participants’ opinion, how do you know that the participant left the activity with more knowledge or competence in the topic than they started with? *
How will you document attendance, participation, and satisfactory completion of the educational objectives? *
How will you incorporate participant feedback in future programming and what  changes will be made for the next offering? *
What is your plan for ensuring that all policies (e.g., access, cancellation, refund) are communicated to participants? *
Please review the Standards & Criteria (beginning on page 17, also see Appendix A) and describe how time, effort, content and complexity are considered while determining educational credit values (CEUs) for traditional or out-of-the-classroom experiences. This is a critical question - be very detailed in the response. *
For general or specialized topics, how do you ensure instructors have the expertise and qualifications to address the topic they will be teaching? Who will verify and ensure they are competent and qualified to speak on this topic? *
For live online programs, how will you ensure that participants were engaged and active in their learning and not just signed-in? *
For archived online programs, how will you ensure that participants were engaged and active in their learning and not just signed-in? *
Please address how you will identify and meet the special needs or concerns (religious, medical, food, other) of individuals participating in the activities you sponsor. *
Would you like to be considered as a sponsor for Independent Study activities? If yes, a supplemental application will be available at a later date. *
Compliance Acknowledgement

By submitting this application, I affirm that, should my application be approved, I will comply with all of the following requirements:
All state and local access laws will be followed. *
All digital information that I provide will follow Section 508 requirements. *
All activities that are approved for RID CEUs will be hosted in an environment that is free from discrimination and abuse of any kind. *
RID will regularly audit your programmatic success and compliance with the CMP/ACET system. I will ensure that I participate and submit materials as required for all audits done by RID. *
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