Gears 5 Survey
Here's some common questions I've seen within the forums as of late.
(Let me know if you'd like to have your idea voted on!)

Disclaimer - This survey collects NO PERSONAL INFORMATION. The non-personal questions are what you'd like to see in Gears 5. This survey will be shared with The Coalition!

Give it all you got!

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Map Remakes for Gears 5
In this section, you are asked two questions.

- What maps should come back from old Gears games to Gears 5 (Remakes)

- What maps should stay from Gears 4 into Gears 5.

What Maps Should Come Back for Gears 5? *
What Maps from Gears 4 Should Stay in Gears 5? *
Do You Like Variations of Maps?
Have the same map, but different versions?

Below, I have asked two questions.

Question #1:
- Different versions: Example - have the map Canals be winter one round, then summer the next round?

Question #2:
- Map environments that effect game play: Example - Reclaimed Windflare (where you can get struck down by lightening, or the wind can be with or against you.)

Map Variations - Question #1: Different Map Versions *
Think of the map Canals for example. One round it can be winter, the next round summer where all the water is dried up. (Maybe change power weapon positions from round to round?)
Map Variations - Question #2: Environment Effects *
Think of Reclaimed Windflare where you can die from the environment, or wind is pushing against/with you.
Gameplay Suggestions
These questions will ask about previous features of Gears of War.

Do you want them to come back, would it be a cool feature, or do you like how things are set up now?

Should 4v4 Come Back? *
Should Friendly Fire Be Enabled in Ranked Matches? *
For example, if the enemy throws a grenade, it only kills your team, while their team is still alive and can keep capturing the hill. (Previous gears used to have friendly fire enabled in ranked matches.)
Would You Like to See the Old Lobby System from Gears of War 1 Come Back? *
I remember this is where I met a lot of solid Gears teammates, a lot of fun trash talking, and was a really easy way to switch teams, while keep playing with the same people. (It'd be hard to fight against cheating of ranking up, but this was by far my favorite way of finding games.)
Do You Like the Current System for Ranks? *
Do You Like How Ranked is Mainly Based on Wins? *
You can also select 'Other' and suggest how you'd like the rank system to work.
Would You Like to See Your Stats In Game to Compare Against Others? (Leaderboards?) *
Be able to see your kills, deaths, assists, accuracy, while seeing who's #1 in each game mode? Be able to see this IN GAME, while still being able to view this from a web browser?
Would you Like the Option for a Clan Tag System? *
What Game Types Would You Like to Have? *
Use 'Other' if you'd like to suggest an additional game mode, or write none if you're happy with the current game modes.
Do You Think Core and Competitive Should Go Away, and Create One Game Style for All? *
What Are Your Favorite Game Modes from Gears 4? *
Suggestions and Feedback
This poll is 100% open, and you can see the stats of what the community has voted!

I have left the option to give feedback below. (Suggest a question to vote on, too!)

I will read your feedback, and may add it to this survey if I think it's a cool idea!

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