Milestones to Millionaire Podcast Application
As a guest on our milestones to millionaire podcast, we want to help you celebrate your milestones and inspire others! Interviews are 10-15 minutes and conducted over Zoom video calls. If selected, we will send you a calendar link to choose a recording time. All guests will need to sign a podcast guest release form found at Please email with any questions.
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What advice can you give others in your situation? *
If student loan debt pay off, what was the amount?
If student loan debt pay off, what was the amount of time it took to pay off all student loans since completion of training?
If PSLF success, what did you owe when you finished medical school? How much was forgiven?
If PSLF success, what problems did you run into getting PSLF?
If a net worth milestone, what is your approximate net worth and what is that divided up into?
If a net worth milestone, how long did it take you to become a millionaire after finishing your education and training?
If a net worth milestone, what advice do you have for those who are a decade or two behind you?
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