DateID Account Deletion + Refund Request
Done with DateID? No problem, we're happy to delete your account.

But first, consider this:

Thousands of men and women visit DateID daily to check up on their dates. Most of them do it anonymously. Since building trust is an essential part of meeting people online, and you'll have better luck on the dating market if you show up on DateID as a fully verified Gold member.

So if you've already leveled up to Gold and completed ID verification and Sex Offender Clearance, we recommend that you keep your profile up–even if you don't log in regularly.


If you still want us to delete your account, just complete the form at the bottom of this page. All your data will be permanently deleted. To confirm that you profile been deleted, feel free visit your old profile URL once 72 hours has passed. You'll find the page is gone.


If you're a Gold member, we will refund you minus a $5 admin fee. It covers the $5 we paid to process your ID verification and sex offender registry clearance. So, you'll be refunded $9.99. Refunds are processed quickly but please allow 5 to 10 days for it to show up on your bank statement. After the refund is processed, your Gold profile will be taken down.

We're sorry to see you go, and wish you the best in your online dating journey!
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If you don't mind our asking, why are you deleting your account? We're a new company and your honest feedback will help us make DateID better. Thanks!
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