CSRA Home Education Association Online Alumni Member Application
This application is ONLY for those who have finished their homeschooling journey, have NO children being schooled at home, and wish to continue supporting the HEA. It will be subject to approval by the HEA board. Please return to the HEA webpage and use the regular application link if you are still actively homeschooling any of your children.
Please read and agree to the following information
The CSRA HEA Online Alumni Member Application is one of two available methods to apply for alumni membership. You may still print the alumni application from the CSRA HEA website and mail it along with your payment as in previous years. If you choose to submit your application via this online form, please understand that you will be providing this information to be stored in a secure Google account accessed only by authorized CSRA HEA volunteers. Your submission is protected by a secure connection to Google in your web browser and by account authorization processes. At no time will the information be publicly searchable by outside entities.

If you choose to submit a paper application, please allow 2-3 weeks of processing time as there are multiple individuals involved in the collection and dissemination of your information. This process will be the same as previous years in which you will receive your member cards and be added to the e-mail distribution list.

For electronic application submissions, you should expect the following process: within 24-48 hours of your submission you should receive an email acknowledging your submission. If you choose to allow us to process your payment electronically, you will also receive an invoice from PayPal for the amount due to activate your membership. Once your payment has been received you should receive a final email acknowledging your active membership and confirming your addition to the e-mail distribution list. Because of the way the new electronic process works, you MUST provide a VALID e-mail address. This is absolutely critical to making this an efficient and smooth process. If you do not want to pay via an electronic method, you may still mail a check to the PO Box. We will hold your membership until payment is received and verified.

Alumni members pay a flat membership fee of $20.

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